A look at animal testing as abuse of the innocent

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What are positive effects of animal testing?

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These Beauty Brands Are Still Tested on Animals

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G.W. Exotics Animal Foundation Joe Schreibvogel

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If they fall, almost always they die. This is a sprawling, very varied section. Animal cruelty is a major issue that affects many unfortunate animals that have no control over what they are suffering. We need to stop this before this becomes a major epidemic and takes the lives of more innocent animals.

Apr 11,  · I have taken this horrific example of animal cruelty from the site Hendrick & Company His left nostril is missing and his jaw is shredded. His teeth look like they have been ground down or blasted out.

Is This an Image of L’Oreal Bunny Testing?

All we can do now is focus on putting this innocent victim back together again. That is our promise to you Champ.

ABUSE OF TIGER CUBS. Feds Cite Big-Cat Exhibitor Over Transport of Infant Tiger Cub Joe Schreibvogel operates a roadside zoo in Oklahoma with animals, including over tigers, on sixteen acres, that has a history of serious animal abuse (see below).

Animals have been taken for granted and always being used for the benefit and as per the convenience of humans. To make life better, animals are facing great amount of torment. For many years, animals have proved to be an easy target for circuses, poaching, hunting, testing and fashion purposes.

Possible theme 1: Animal testing

Animal testing is used in the initial stages of researching new medicines, where it can be tested to see if it works, and if it has any general side effects. It then moves on to human testing on volunteers to ensure that it reacts the same in humans.

Are You a Victim of Veterinary Abuse? A look at animal testing as abuse of the innocent
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