Breakfast writing activity

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Breakfast Scramble

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Truthfully though, writing isn’t really “my job.” It is a key part of what I do, and I get just as much out of writing in my personal life as I do at work. Personal and non-fiction writing. Games Bingo Checkers Chess Backgammon Dominoes Monopoly Scrabble Yahtzee _____ _____ Cards Bridge Canasta Gin Uno Pinochle Poker.

Nestled deep in the country, near Hartville, Ohio, away from city noise, down a tree lined lane, QUAIL’S COVEY is waiting for you.

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The Tudor style house sitting at the edge of Quail Hollow State Park has its own bass filled lake with our swans, George & Gracie gliding across the water. Numerous gardens, a waterfall, and a koi pond.

Sit on the deck to read and you’ll hear only the birds. Make a kaleidoscope at home to teach your child about the color spectrum and mirror science. Welcome! Surrounding the Inn is a stately wrought iron fence. The yard has been landscaped to invite the guests to explore the possibility of having a wedding, vow renewal, or just to relax and unwind.

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Breakfast writing activity
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