Hossein farhady s language testing a linguametric

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Hossein Farhady

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Reflections on Foreign Language Education in Iran

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The purpose of this paper is to make certain arguments about the necessity of an eagle’s eye perspective on language assessment. First, it is argued that most of the developments in language assessment have been rooted in the above-mentioned disciplines, each of which has benefited from the findings of intra-disciplinary areas.

Language Assessmen t: A Linguametr ic Perspective Hossein Farhady realization might be informing the practitioners of the principles upon which a particular assessment design can be performed with. A critical review of the language assessment policy in Iran requires research-based data, which is, in many cases, lacking or sporadic.

This article is an attempt to provide some basic documented information about the educational system, foreign language teaching, and assessment in Iran. Hossein Farhady's Language Testing: A Linguametric Perspective.

Reflections on Foreign Language Education in Iran

Topics: Psychometrics, Test characteristics Hossein Farhady Fundamental Concepts in Language Testing (4) Characteristics of Language Tests: Total Test Characteristics* Hossein Farhady University for Teacher Education Iran University of Science and Technology.

Prof. Dr.

Hossein Farhady

Hossein Farhady (Persian: حسین فرهادی ‎) is an Iranian applied linguist with more than forty years of studying, teaching and researching in and out of unavocenorthernalabama.com has worked at universities including University of Teachers Education, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran in Iran, UCLA, Texas A &M, USC, and University of Shenandoah in the U.S.A, American University.

aspect of “language testing” with no considerations for its testing aspect, are illustrated in Figure 1. Language Assessment: A Linguametric Perspective Hossein Farhady.

Hossein farhady s language testing a linguametric
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