Most difficult aspects of learning english

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most difficult aspects of learning English

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I have collected and been using a large number of Russian courses. I had pretty much come to believe that the grammar was too difficult to ever master because I did not fully understand the descriptions that were given in terms of English grammar such as predicates, intensive pronouns etc.

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We consider why English is so hard to learn. Many a student has struggled with English's illogical spelling and inconsistent grammar.

We consider why English is so hard to learn.

The Home Language: An English Language Learner's Most Valuable Resource

when I was learning French it was difficult at first. Also learning the ‘ö’ in German started off more tricky, but when you understand it. Curiosity (from Latin cūriōsitās, from cūriōsus "careful, diligent, curious", akin to cura "care") is a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning, evident by observation in humans and other animals.

Curiosity is heavily associated with all aspects of human development, in which derives the process of learning and desire to acquire knowledge. (1) What is the most complex part of English grammar relative to other languages? (2) What is the most complex part of English irrespective of other languages?

The hardest parts to learning any foreign language that is not your own are features of the language which are not predictable from experience.

Most difficult aspects of learning english
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