The pros of continuing animal testing

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14 Pros and Cons of Animal Research

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Animal Testing and Medicine

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The Ethics of Animal Experimentation. By Stephanie Liou 06 Jul, Animal Research, Research and HD, Research Basics. animals and aims to avoid unnecessary use of animals in scientific research by pursuing alternatives to animal testing.

The Pros of Continuing Animal Testing A highly debated argument in today’s society is animal research and testing. There is much controversy surrounding the issue not only within biology, but general ethics as well.

“Animal testing in which there is consent, or in which the procedure is beneficial to the patient, is morally acceptable and should not be banned. You might wonder how an. Animal testing has also led to advances in our knowledge that may help us develop additional cures, including an understanding of the Malaria lifecycle (pigeon), tuberculosis (cow, sheep), Typhus (guinea pig, rat, mouse), and the function of neurons (cat, dog).

Animal testing has also led to advances in our knowledge that may help us develop additional cures, including an understanding of the Malaria lifecycle (pigeon), tuberculosis (cow, sheep), Typhus (guinea pig, rat, mouse), and the function of neurons (cat, dog).

History of Protests Against Animal Tests

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The pros of continuing animal testing
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